AFG Claims Service seeks to determine the cause and origin of a loss and any liability or subrogation potential that may exist.
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Since 2001, AFG Claims Service has provided insurance companies with the most reliable insurance adjustment services. With our years of specialized experience in multiple areas, our clients trust our team to complete claims of all sizes. AFG Claims Service strives to provide you with only the top service, seeing how your customers are our customers!

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No matter what type of damage or size of loss, AFG Claims Service has the training, experience and professional team you need to properly handle and process the claim.

In addition to these services, our team can also assist with all aspects of catastrophe management and response, and assist your company around the clock with our 24/7 on-call emergency hotline.
Renowned Marine Damage Services Available in 7 States

AFG Claims Service is the company for marine damage insurance adjustment services. With our 50+ years of professional experience and expertise in this specific area, companies choose AFG Claims Service to process all of their marine damage claims.

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In fact, we have used our insight, training, experiences, and professionalism to create the AFG Marine Academy.

This series of preparatory marine damage adjustment courses was created to replicate the skills of AFG Claims Service owner, Mr. John Killough. Each of our in-house team members are strategically trained, tested and highly experienced in marine damage claims, due to the elite level of education provided at the AFG Marine Academy.

Our team is able to handle claims of any size or type of loss

The team members at AFG Claims Service are all certified, highly trained and boast years of experience in their area of expertise. Due to our wealth of capabilities, our team is able to handle claims of any size or loss. Through the employment of our services, technology and elite team of insurance adjustment professionals, we help insurance companies to determine liability and subrogation potential.

We have years upon years of experience executing highly strategic investigations to determine liability and other factors of an insurance claim.
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