An Independent Insurance Adjusting Company

AFG Claims Service, LLC


The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. – Jimmy Johnson

Whether your insured is a residential homeowner, commercial property owner or an industrial manufacturer, you can rest assured with AFG CLAIMS SERVICE their claim is being handled ethically, fairly, and that payment recommendations are in adherence to the policy. Setting ourselves apart from other claims service companies, AFG will not rest until this criteria is met and you are satisfied with our service. AFG is committed to go above and beyond the call of duty to earn your trust and maintain your business because processing claims is more than just an obligation for the AFG team; it’s about setting a higher standard for ourselves so that you are served with excellence.


AFG CLAIMS SERVICE has extensive experience handling claims of any size loss. We continue to investigate claims with the very best engineers, fire investigators, and forensic accountants in the business and our team is intentionally chosen for their expertise, resulting in greater accuracy in documenting your claims. Indeed, we are dedicated to focus on adjusting the damages but we certainly do not stop there… AFG CLAIMS SERVICE’s subrogation efforts have successfully captured millions of dollars for our clients!

Our experienced and knowledgeable adjusters can offer opinions of structural integrity, liability and underwriting observed while inspecting damages. In each investigation, AFG seeks to determine cause and origin of a loss and any liability or subrogation potential that may exist utilizing laboratory analysis of evidence and even engineering evaluation if necessary. Fraud, arson, product failure, employee dishonesty, or any number of scenarios, improperly investigated or documented, can result in over-payment of claims and failure to secure subrogation. AFG CLAIMS SERVICE strives to go beyond your expectations to alleviate these ever increasing burdens on consumers and on you, the insurance company.


Founded in 2001, AFG remains committed to one on one attention to our clients with continuity of work product from each team member. In contacting AFG, you will speak directly with an owner or manager who will handle any claims need courteously and effectively. We don’t rest on our laurels, however, and it is our hope that you will allow us to prove to you that AFG is not your ordinary insurance adjusting company.

AFG has processed thousands of claims for insurance companies across the nation. It is our dedication to consistent fairness and integrity and to treating every dollar of the insurer’s money as if it was our own that has helped us to build a solid reputation. Please review our list of company services and learn how AFG can be of service to you. We’re always here for you and always striving to be extraordinary!