Branch Office Expansion

AFG is announcing additional branch offices in Paducah, KY  & Macon, GA which will allow our team members to expand to surrounding cities to further serve your insureds while reducing service invoices. While we are happy to travel distances for our clients, we understand the very real need to control the cost of the claim. Call John Killough at 615-426-2664 to discuss how we can help you in our new areas.


Is That Hail?


While the rest of the world was enjoying the sunny spring days of and planting their tomato plants outside, we in the southeast all too often can expect hail! Specifically, hail damage to roofs. All sorts of roofs. Every different type of roof you can think of. Including grass roof tops…

AFG was asked to bring their team of property adjusters to visit one of our favorite clients of 20 years; Columbia Insurance Group at their regional office where we had the privilege of meeting their new Vice President, Mr. David Natsch.

Hosting a “Lunch & Learn”, we presented their team members with a training seminar we created on hail damage to every type of residential and commercial roof manufactured. We instructed their adjusters on all aspects of hail; from the very basic explanation of how to identify whether damage is from hail or from another non-covered cause of loss to types of roof construction that will or will not allow repair and what those repair methods consist of. (Plenty of candy was thrown around the room for those few sleepyheads full from lunch that did not see the excitement hail had to offer.)

This class was so well received and informative, we were asked to go through the steps to have the class accredited for Continuing Education credits and encouraged to seek other companies that may be interested in learning more about this subject!

Columbia Insurance Group is one of the best insurance companies in the business because of its wonderful people. We are continually humbled by the trust, respect and confidence you place in AFG as we work together.

Stay tuned for the 2017 seminar schedule.

John Killough
AFG Claims Service, LLC

GOTTA WATCH: Video Series Outtakes

AFG Claims Service Video Series Outtakes

As part of our new website launch, AFG Claims Service created unique and captivating service videos to accompany our webpages and tell our story. Each video described our company, a specific service, or provided more information about AFG Claims Service. You can view each of these videos by visiting our various insurance adjustment service pages.

While filming the AFG Claims Service service videos, our spokesperson and camera crew had a bit of fun. Check out the outtakes from our day on set here:

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