Special Investigation Unit

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Database checks utilizing nationwide database sources to assist the confirmation of the following:

  • Motive and Opportunity Investigations
  • Property (Ownership records)
  • Bankruptcy (Court filings and Docket Numbers)
  • Liens/Judgments (Court venue locations)
  • Vehicle, Boat and RV Registrations
  • Driving history (Obtained from DMV database)
  • Social Media Investigation (Catalog media activity)
  • Employment Verification
  • Prior address history
  • Possible affiliates
  • Next of Kin


  • Accident Scene Investigations
  • Crash Data Retrieval (Utilizing the Bosch tool)
  • Drone Services for scene and aerial canvassing
  • Scene Canvasses (Evidence, surveillance footage)
  • Locate and Interview Witnesses (Assessing credibility and cooperation, recorded statements)
  • Slip and Fall Investigations
  • Code Compliance Inspections:
    - Onsite inspections
    - Additional code review
  • Underwriting Inspections:
    - Active claims
    - New policy/Pre-loss


  • Onsite venue research to determine a history of any prior or subsequent lawsuits. This involves actual location, review and summarization of lawsuits to determine the outcome. These reviews can help identify medical providers, witnesses, and their attorneys involved.
  • Civil and Criminal record and warrant searches with applicable law enforcement agencies.
  • Locate and interview of witnesses to assess credibility and cooperation with the defense.
  • Real time courtroom assistance (With the ability to run database checks and searches on potential jurors during jury selection when the venue allows).
  • Preparation of litigation investigation reports for reference in depositions, mediations, and trial proceedings.
  • Identify any subrogation issues to include locating any missing person companies, or witnesses who may be trying to avoid subrogation.
  • Conduct backgrounds on individuals to identify any licensing or any instances of misconduct or unethical behavior.